Small Disc Golf (SDG) is a set of rules and standards for playing disc golf using small plastic discs.  It is intended to be as much like regular disc golf as possible and wherever practical, rules from the Professional Disc Golf Association™ (PDGA™) should be used if they can reasonably be applied to the small disc golf game.  

The game and all the information on this web site are released under the Creative Commons CC0 license which means it is free for everyone to use without payment or royalty. Please see the License Information page for more details.

The game can be played indoors or outdoors.  Indoors rooms and hallways are a good scale for holes.  Playing on the carpet is more realistic than playing on a smooth floor because the discs slide easily on the latter. A carpeted hallway makes a perfect fairway.  Holes can go between different floors, from one room to another, etc.  Adding mandatories to a hole helps make good use of smaller spaces.  Outdoors, a backyard is big enough for an 18 hole course with holes laid out around the perimeter and across the middle.

Small Disc Golf is not affiliated with the Professional Disc Golf Association™, the PDGA™, but players follow the PDGA rules where practical as a matter of convention to make the game more accessible to existing disc golfers and also to help make the game more consistent and easy to understand in general.

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I believe the game is ready for people to enjoy, so I’m updating the version number to 1.0.