Small Disc Golf was originally created by Howard Cohen in January, 2023.  It has been released under the CC0 Creative Commons License, version 1.0.

Small Disc Golf by Howard Cohen is marked with CC0 1.0 Universal.

You can find out more about the creative commons CC0 license here:

In plain words:

The game is released under the Creative Commons CC0 license which means it is free for everyone to use without payment or royalty.  This includes the 3D models for a throwing mechanism, for a target and for and some discs found on this site.  Anyone is free to 3D print these and play Small Disc Golf.  Also, any company is free to design and manufacture both throwers, discs and targets and to sell them without paying any form of royalties for that privilege.  This includes printing and selling the launcher, target and discs included with this rules set, or their own design. The only condition placed upon this license is that any products that use the name “Small Disc Golf” must comply with the Small Disc Golf standards.

Howard Cohen

Since all Small Disc Golf game components will be compatible with each other, players may use different launchers and discs produced in various ways. The more diversity, the better.