This page is all about 3D printing discs. You need small golf discs to play.

Disc 7: 75×6.47mm, 2mm shell

You can download 3D models of discs from the disc library on this site, or you can design your own discs and print them. This site has a page on designing 3D Models of flying discs.

I print discs in PLA plastic, which is a little more brittle than I’d like, but the rigidity improves the flight characteristics. If a disc cracks or breaks it can be glued with superglue and it doesn’t really affect its flightpath. PLA is bioplastic, made from waste starch, such as from sugar beets after they have been processed. It is compostable at higher temperatures (e.g. industrial composting but not kitchen scrap composting).

You could also print discs in PETG, which is recyclable. It might work better. I will experiment with it, but for now I print in PLA.

Disc Library

Please visit this site’s Disc Library page to find .step files you can download. These are 3D models you can load into your slicer and then print.

Modeling Discs

You can design your own discs! It’s pretty easy using a 3D modeling system like Fusion 360TM. It’s fun to explore different designs. It is inexpensive to print a disc but it takes a couple of hours on the 3D printer. See the Modeling Discs page for more information about designing your own discs.

Printing Discs

Discs can be 3D printed in a couple hours. They are printed vertically (edge up) and there are some important techniques to use to make sure it will work. But, once you get it dialed in it is an easy thing to print. The Printing Discs page gives you all the details you need.

PLA Disc Owners Manual

If you print your own PLA discs or someone prints them for you this one-page owners manual is for you. It contains tips on safety, cleaning, repair and storage. PLA discs can crack if they hit something very hard at the wrong angle, and they can melt in your car.

Disc Standards

To be fair (to be fair 🎶) discs should comply with the Small Disc Golf Disc Standards if you play with other people. The game is fair if everyone follows with the same standards.


There is a page of examples of things you can use as targets and obstacles. Most indoor spaces have some of these things available and you can use them to create a wider variety of holes with interesting parts that present different kinds of challenges.