I love disc golf.

But, I can’t play it at night. And, I can’t play it indoors. And, I don’t want to play it in the rain.

In fact, it was the extensive rain where I live in Oakland, California, that drove me to figure out how to make indoor flying discs. I figured out how to design them in 3D modeling software1 and how to 3D print them2. Making something that looks like a flying disc isn’t the same thing as making one that flies the way a golf disc does.

I found a good size and weight ratio and made some discs that flew like golf discs3. I found it was hard to throw them, or more accurately: I discovered that how I threw regular golf discs didn’t work for these. Since then I’ve found and practiced several ways to thrown them4 and I’m certain there are lots of other ways.

I created smalldiscgolf.org5 and put the content into the public domain. That means anyone can make and sell small golf discs without any need for licensing or royalties. I’ve put a library of discs on the main site that people can directly download and print on their 3D printer, along with important tips to help people succeed.

Indoor disc golf is a new frontier to explore. Nobody knows how to do this well yet. Nobody is a master of this yet. But, experience with regular golf discs is still tantalizingly relevant. It’s like learning a new language when you are already articulate in your native tongue.

Every building offers the possibility of interesting holes. You can make an 18 hole course in a back yard. Someone will be the first person to play 18 holes in a moving RV.

There is a page of examples for targets6 – lots of things in your house will work as targets.

There is an owner’s manual7 for 3D printed small golf discs.

You probably have a friend with a 3D printer, and they are probably looking for a way to justify owning it, so be sure to ask them to print you some discs! You’ll be doing them a favor. They cost about 30 cents to print one and from a little over an hour to as much as 2.5 hours for the biggest ones.

Check the smalldiscgolf.org5 web site for new content, my small disc golf blog and more. Also, feel free to contact me at hoco at smalldiscgolf dot org.

I hope you will try small disc golf and play an indoor round sometime soon!

  • Howard Cohen


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