Thrower 3

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This thrower is meant to be held by one of the two vertical handles – they are both present so the thrower can work for left and right handed players. You could omit one from your own version to reduce the print time.

This thrower is made of two parts: the band holder and the tray. You stretch a rubber band over the upper and lower pins in the band holder. The tray slides into the band holder. You place a flying disc on the tray and pull back the rubber band. You can tilt the tray left and right to adjust the hyzer/anhyzer angle. You can incline your hand to increase or decrease the angle of incidence. All possible disc golf throws should be possible.

You are allowed to change your rubber band(s) whenever you wish during the game, including between holes. So you could have some that are stiffer and throw the disc further, and others that have less power and throw the disc more gently.

You control how much spin is delivered by choosing both how off-center the rubber band engages the disc and also at what angle since the rubber band does not have to be pulled straight back. You are free to use the rubber band any way you want, or to modify the design to have additional attachment points, etc.

The tray prints easily. Use at least a 10% infill or more for a more durable tray that takes longer to print.

The thrower must be printed so the rubber band pins point straight up.

You can find a .step file for the Band Clamp here:

You can find a .step file for the Thrower’s Tray here:

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